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Managed Printing, Mailing, and Payment Services

The future of healthcare is patient-centric. Delivering a user experience with excellent patient communications and payment interactions is the key to making your products and services stand out from your competition.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can just “plug-and-play” the industry’s most advanced managed print and payment services to your products without having to reinvent the wheel? We offer our customers a unique mixture of the latest direct mail printing and electronic payment technology with an insistent focus on driving down their costs through constant improvement.

Our medical billing and payment service platform is designed for patients, driven by software innovation, and empowered by the cloud.

The MailMyStatements Partnership Program.

It delivers secured, automated, and fully-customizable solutions that meet the unique requirements in patient-provider communications and payment interactions within the medical industry.

Through robust Application Programming Interface (API) integrations, partners can incorporate our medical billing managed print and payment services into virtually any software application for a seamless patient experience. Your statements should be based on your patients and practice needs, not your software capabilities.

In addition, our HITRUST-certification means you can greatly reduce the risk related to information protection and data breaches.

What Type of Partner Are You?

There are three tracks in the our partner program designed to address the unique needs of software, development, and private-label partners. As our valued partner, you’ll get the resources to leverage our MailMyStatements platform to enhance or extend your service offerings to your clients or customers.

Learn more about our partnership solutions today!

We have an API for that!


Our partners have the ability to integrate our managed printing, mailing, and payment services and systems through the use of our customer and statements service APIs. Both endpoints expose a set of methods that enable an integrator to manage data delivery, report retrieval, and image access. Furthermore, there are methods to enable integrators to manage the electronic delivery of patient billing statements.

Statements API

Our statements service SOAP API allows integrators to manage files and deliver data to our MailMyStatements systems. Data can be delivered in XML and other data formats. The integrator can deliver data for processing, generating reports on these deliveries, reports on address cleansing, and address updates.

Customer API

This is a RESTful API focused on access to and manipulation of customer data for the purpose of viewing our generated image data as well as managing e-statement subscriptions. There are methods for searching and retrieving statements on an individual basis. This API is useful when our partners want to provide simple statement viewing services from within third-party applications.

Custom Integrations

We work with our partners to build custom public or private APIs to optimize partner integration. Some examples include custom report deliverables, payment automation services, log-tracking, notifications and alerts, as well as other available services. Reach out to us and our development team can work with you to design and build the best solution for your clients today.


Did you know MailMyStatements now offers card-on-file technology?

Improve your patient statement billing processes today by offering your patients, “Payment Plan” flexibility that allows them to make automatic payments.

Ask your MMS account representative today for more details!

Uploading Patient Statement Files

EasyAdmin Settings Features

EasyAdmin Payment Features

“As a healthcare billing and RCM vendor, MMS makes it easy to set up new accounts quickly and seamlessly. Their portal is user-friendly and their customer service team is always very responsive and friendly whenever we have questions or need assistance.”

Sarah Cherry – Director of RCM Operations Azalea Health

“MailMyStatements team was both flexible and friendly, helping to come up with innovative solutions to connect their statement technology with our platform and make it easy for our Members to send statements electronically.”

Kevin Burdick Director, Strategic Partnerships WebPT


Want to Explore the MMS Partnership Program?

Let’s have a conversation!

To learn how our printing, mailing, & payment services can help improve your products and boost your bottom line, click the link below to schedule a call with our experts:



I have multiple billing systems how does that work?2018-06-25T17:21:02-06:00

MMS can work with virtually any billing system and will work with you on the most convenient and efficient way with each system.

Is there a long term contract I have to commit to?2018-06-25T17:21:20-06:00

No, MMS makes it easy for customers to get started and retains clients by continually exceeding their expectations and by providing unparalleled customer service.

Why would I switch to MailMyStatements from my current vendor?2018-06-25T17:22:01-06:00

Clients come to MMS for many reasons. Some for security reasons as MailMyStatements is HITRUST certified. Convenience, cost savings, quality, features, functionality, reliability, and customer service are some of other reasons organizations make the change to MailMyStatements..

How long does it take to get started with MailMyStatements?2018-06-25T17:23:16-06:00

Usually 1 to 3 business days. Sometimes within just a few minutes if we have interfaced with your software before.

My statements or bills don’t look the way I want them to, can MMS help?2018-06-25T17:26:00-06:00

Absolutely! MMS designs bills and other communications specifically for each client so they are both elegant and effective.

Can I use MailMyStatements with my current software?2018-06-25T17:26:23-06:00

Yes, MMS can work with data exports from virtually any system in virtually any data format.

Who should I contact to explore a partnership with MMS?2018-06-25T17:30:46-06:00

Send an e-mail with your information and any comments you want to share to and the appropriate person will contact you ASAP.

Why do partners choose to work with MMS over other vendors?2018-06-25T17:40:50-06:00

MMS is HITRUST certified and designs it programs to work seamlessly and efficiently with partner systems. Partners realize a recurring revenue stream or wholesale pricing for MMS services. The clients of our partners win with high quality personalized communications and optimized billing and payment technology.

What type of partnerships does MailMyStatements do with other companies?2018-06-25T17:41:03-06:00

MMS partners with medical practice management vendors, clearinghouses, and other software vendors that have a need to improve billing and payment processes for their clients.


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