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We are continuously upgrading out patient billing technology to address the evolving needs of healthcare providers. Our HITRUST-certified solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems, empowering a more efficient and secure billing experience. Partners benefit from flexible revenue models, including recurring subscriptions and wholesale pricing options.

Patient Payment Solutions for
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MailMyStatements' Partnership Program

We partner with medical practice management vendors, clearinghouses, and other software vendors that have a need to improve billing and payment processes for their clients. The clients of our partners win with high quality, personalized communications and optimized billing and payment technology.

White-Label Partners

Our ideal white - label partner is a any healthcare software entity, payment merchant vendor, or hospital that wants to expand their technology functionality and user expereince with advanced communication and payment tools.

Integrated Partners

Integrate us as part of your existing solution!

Revenue Share Partners

Our ideal revenue share partner works with various healthcare software entities, wants to offer the optimal solution to the end user, and can offer referals from current clients and partnerships in exchange for innovative technology ecosystem.

Digital Innovation

The future of healthcare is patient-centric. Delivering a user experience with excellent patient communications and payment interactions is the key to making your products and services stand out from your competition.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can just “plug-and-play” the industry’s most advanced managed print and payment services to your products without having to reinvent the wheel? We offer our customers a unique mixture of the latest direct mail printing and electronic payment technology with an insistent focus on driving down their costs through constant improvement.

Our medical billing and payment service platform is designed for patients, driven by software innovation, and empowered by the cloud.

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Partnership Begins Here

We work with our partners to build custom public or private APIs to optimize partner integration. Some examples include:

Reach out to us and our development team can work with you to design and build the best solution for your clients today.

Which Type of Partner Are You?

There are three tracks in the our partner program designed to address the unique needs of software, development, and private-label partners. As our valued partner, you’ll get the resources to leverage our MailMyStatements platform to enhance or extend your service offerings to your clients or customers.

Development Partner

Our robust API allows consultants, systems integrators, and developers to combine our powerful printing, mailing, and billing statement payment features with your domain expertise to innovate patient-provider communications and/or payment features for clients. For Development questions, please click here.

Software Partner

Software and SaaS providers utilize our platform to deliver patient billing and other communications via print and mail or secure electronic delivery services. You can also integrate our software with payment services. Virtually any healthcare software system can use our services to enhance the client billing process.

Private-Label Partner

Create a unified interface and deliver a seamless user experience to your clients through our private-label partnership program. Extend the functionalities of a complementary product or service without having to do all the work.

Dedicated Partner Support

Our customer service department takes a unique, proactive approach to ensure each one of our clients is not only satisfied but feels like they are our only focus. There are no long-term contracts with our company because we retain clients by providing unparalleled customer service and consistently exceeding their expectations.

We take the same approach to patient engagement when it comes to billing questions. We modernize existing statement and billing processes to improve patient satisfaction, facilitate faster payments and increase payment acquisitions. Our clients and their patients are our most valuable resource and they will receive treatment as such. For more information on how MailMyStatements can help please email us.

MailMyStatements team was both flexible and friendly, helping to come up with innovative solutions to connect their statement technology with our platform and make it easy for our Members to send statements electronically.”

We have an API for that!

Our partners have the ability to integrate our managed printing, mailing, and payment services and systems through the use of our customer and statements service APIs. Both endpoints expose a set of methods that enable an integrator to manage data delivery, report retrieval, and image access. Furthermore, there are methods to enable integrators to manage the electronic delivery of patient billing statements.

Statements API

Our statements service SOAP API allows integrators to manage files and deliver data to our MailMyStatements systems. Data can be delivered in XML and other data formats. The integrator can deliver data for processing, generating reports on these deliveries, reports on address cleansing, and address updates.​

Customer API

This is a RESTful API focused on access to and manipulation of customer data for the purpose of viewing our generated image data as well as managing e-statement subscriptions. There are methods for searching and retrieving statements on an individual basis. This API is useful when our partners want to provide simple statement viewing services from within third-party applications.​

Custom Integrations

We work with our partners to build custom public or private APIs to optimize partner integration. Some examples include custom report deliverables, payment automation services, log-tracking, notifications and alerts, as well as other available services. Reach out to us and our development team can work with you to design and build the best solution for your clients today.​

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MMS uses the most advanced technology and best practice processes to insure the wrong document never goes to the wrong party. Each mail piece is bar-coded and photographed once sealed to insure each mail piece is properly accounted for prior to mailing.

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