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MailMyStatements is a leading provider of healthcare printing, mailing, and payment technology services across the country.

  • A certified HITRUST partner
  • MailMyStatements can help your organization modernize the entire billing process
  • From the initial design of patient communications and patient statements
  • To statement printing and mailing
  • A wide array of electronic statement & payment solutions


Designing your patient statements and communications so that they are easy to read and understand and even easier to pay. MailMyStatements sends bills through traditional mail as well as facilitates e-statements to reduce postage expenses and align with patient preferences. Accept payments through multiple channels, such as over the phone payments with our IVR integration, or at lightning speed with a scan of a QR code, as well as through a custom branded payment site.

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“The Statement implementation is so simple and easy to use. From the customer’s stand point, it’s very intuitive; the platform is virtually dummy-proof.”

David Hirsch – Healthcare Collections Executive

“Implementation of MMS services was extremely easy. After the initial setup, it only takes us a couple minutes to upload our billing file and generate statements. The statements are very professional looking and easy for our patients to read and understand. The team at MMS is great to work with in the rare cases we have questions”.

Paige Burkes – CFO Health Solutions

“’s team was both flexible and friendly, helping to come up with innovative solutions to connect their statement technology with our platform and make it easy for our Members to send statements electronically.”

Kevin Burdick Director, Strategic Partnerships WebPT

HITRUST & Compliance.


After touring the MMS operations, I’m confident that our statements are being handled confidentially and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations. Their production facility runs its processes in a very meticulous manner

Paige Burkes, CFO Health Solutions

About Mail My Statements

Since 2006, MMS has provided premier healthcare related statement printing, mailing, and payment services to over 1,200 clients, ranging from medical providers, billing companies, hospitals and third-party collection organizations. MMS continues to innovate and build strong relationships within the healthcare industry. How do we do this? It’s simple; we call it The MailMyStatements Difference;

What makes MailMyStatements better than its competitors in statement printing and mailing? That’s easy, MMS’ ability to customize Patient Statements and other sensitive communications while working with diverse client data. MMS has always focused on delivering clients convenient, cost-effective, quality solutions with unequaled data security.

MMS clients benefit from fast development, streamlined internal processes, and improved time to market on data mapping and customizations. MMS provides clients and vendors with APIs for custom integrations involving third-party systems. MMS’ technology is hosted on a state of the art virtual infrastructure while the production facility utilizes the most advanced printing, inserting, and finishing equipment.

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With each client, we take a fresh look at how patient financial interactions are handled. We’re printing and mailing experts, but we’re even better at transforming your processes into the latest technology-driven solutions that deliver improved financial performance while saving labor, supply and postage costs.

Hugh Sullivan, MailMyStatements