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Medical Billing Services

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We Can Help You With

Statement printing & mailing services, color invoice design, and eStatements.

Various traditional and digital payment options to meet patient preferences.

White-label management with our EasyAdmin portal, API integration.

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BillingCycle Plus complements third-party systems by featuring customizable communication preferences.

HITRUST-Certified patient billing & zero knowledge authentication features.

AI and ML functions for secure and seamless billing.

Patient Billing Solutions

Print and Mail

Clear, concise, and easy-to-understand patient billing statement layout
All addresses are updated (NCOA) before mailing
High-speed printing and inserting machines
MMS makes it easy to send any electronic medical data from any database or system

Invoice Collection

Frictionless experience so patients can pay with confidence regardless of what channel they choose
Card on file technology
Transaction reporting
SMS text notifications

Advanced Digital Tools

EasyAdmin portal for cloud-based patient billing management
Custom integrations
Intuitive machine learning payment functionality

Technology-Driven Patient Collections

Text Notifications

Notify patients when their bill becomes available vis SMS messaging


of patients will pay their medical bill within 5 minutes of receiving a text message about it.

Chat to Pay

Interactive Chatbot answers questions and prompts patient payments


of patients are interested in using a chatbot to pay bills online.

Credit Card on File

Credit card on file-enabled payment plans allow patients to break up daunting balances over time


of patients signed up for a payment plan when out-of-pocket expenses were $1,000 or more.

We Take PHI Seriously

HITRUST CSF (Comprehensive Security Framework) is a standardized approach for healthcare organizations to follow in mitigating information security risks. When an organization tells another they are HITRUST certified in the healthcare industry, that entity can be assured of the level of information protection being utilized. The CSF makes it easy for an organization to understand and verify another organization’s stance and status as it relates to healthcare information security. You can learn more about HITRUST in our blog section!

What Our Clients Say

“Implementation of MMS services was extremely easy. After the initial setup, it only takes us a couple minutes to upload our billing file and generate statements. The statements are very professional looking and easy for our patients to read and understand. The team at MMS is great to work with in the rare cases we have questions”

Paige Oldham CFO Health Solutions

“’s team was both flexible and friendly, helping to come up with innovative solutions to connect their statement technology with our platform and make it easy for our Members to send statements electronically.”

Kevin Burdick Director of Inside Sales, Channel Devlopment

“It has been great working with your company. I love the way you have been able to accommodate all of the various software programs that I bill through. Your team is very easy to work with and was able to get me set up in no time with statements that are easy for my clients to read. Thank you”

Susan PankowCPC

They just move quicker. You can literally have proofs in hand within a day of signing with them and statements out the door the next day after approving the proof. Their technology lets them permanently map our GoRev format so any new clients (aka child accounts) can be set up nearly instantly.”

Brandon GriffinCo-Founder
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On-Going Support

Our customer service department takes a unique, proactive approach to ensure each one of our clients is not only satisfied but feels like they are our only focus. There are no long-term contracts with our company because we retain clients by providing unparalleled customer service and consistently exceeding their expectations.

We take the same approach to patient engagement when it comes to billing questions. We modernize existing statement and billing processes to improve patient satisfaction, facilitate faster payments and increase payment acquisitions. Our clients and their patients are our most valuable resource and they will receive treatment as such. For more information on how MailMyStatements can help please email us.

Did you know MailMyStatements now offers an advanced Chat to Pay solution that helps our clients get paid faster?