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Cyber - Resillience

MailMyStatements was one of the first 3rd party Healthcare Printing and Mailing Vendors to earn a HITRUST Certification. With the recent explosion of data breaches in the healthcare industry, we strive to protect our clients through cyber- resillient practices and commitment to protecting sensitive PHI.

HITRUST i1 Certification

Our HITRUST - Protected systems help mitigate cybersecurity threats and protect sensitive patient data.

i1 HITRUST Certified Patient Billing
HITRUST Certified Patient Billing

What Does HITRUST Cover?

HITRUST maintains a common security framework (CSF) by harmonizing all healthcare information security compliance standards.

A HITRUST CSF certification is valid for two years and is only awarded after careful assessment, validation and approval, which includes on-site visits. A HITRUST CSF certification allows organizations to follow all HIPPA security compliance standards while painlessly transitioning and evolving into better protocols for patient information management.

All security requirements from multiple regulations are brought together in one central location for tracking compliance, saving organizations both time and money. Requiring outsourcing partners to maintain a HITRUST Certification showcases a provider’s commitment to the security of patients’ sensitive personal and medical information.

The Healthcare Industry Continues to Experience Frequent and Severe Data Breaches Each Year:

2022 Healthcare Records Breached
(in millions)
2021 Healthcare Records Breached
(in millions)
2020 Healthcare Records Breached
(in millions)

HITRUST - Certified Patient Billing

HITRUST transformed healthcare compliance. When it comes to third-party vendors handling Protected Health Information (PHI) and other sensitive data, a business associate agreement or confidentiality agreement is not enough. Healthcare providers rely on third-party vendors to perform key services involving the exchange of sensitive information. With the rise of digital billing systems, ensuring private information is safe with a partner or outsourced vendor is more important than ever. Since 2016, we provided our clients’ billing systems with the most extensive and comprehensive assurance by maintaining a HITRUST certification and a secured medical billing process.

"In 2015, MMS made the decision to be HITRUST certified, allowing us to protect patient information at the highest level in our industry. We are one of the few printing, billing, or mailing companies to have this level of certification. We care about our clients’ information, and no matter your industry, we want to protect your sensitive data.​"

HITRUST Third-Party Assurance

Third-party assurance is a key component of HITRUST. When it comes to third-party assurance, organizations can save time, money,
and reduce risk by working with other HITRUST Certified vendors.

The organization develops, disseminates, and annually reviews/updates a list of current service providers. 

A standard agreement with third-party is defined and includes the required security controls in accordance with the organization’s security policies. 

Third parties coordinate, manage, and communicate changes to their services provided to the organization. 

Where software development is outsourced, formal contracts are in place to address the ownership and security of the code and application. 

Access by customers to the organization’s information is not provided until the appropriate controls have been implemented. 

MailMyStatements HITRUST Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Tip of the Month

Maintain continuous compliance with HITRUST standards by regularly assessing your security controls, conducting vulnerability scans, and staying up to date with security patches. Implementing a robust compliance monitoring program helps protect sensitive data and demonstrates your commitment to meeting industry best practices. MailMyStatements strives for the best in cybersecurity compliance so that every file processed is safe from the screens of malicious actors.


MMS uses the most advanced technology and best practice processes to insure the wrong document never goes to the wrong party. Each mail piece is bar-coded and photographed once sealed to insure each mail piece is properly accounted for prior to mailing.

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