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We are a B2B medical billing & mailing service offering technology-driven, billing and payment solutions for healthcare providers. Incorporate modern statement design, communications, and payment integrations and bring your business out of the dark ages of printing and mailing patient statements. Facilitate timely payments with a variety of creative and innovative payment options featuring a turnkey system so simple to implement, you can generate immediate savings and operational improvements.

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Can MMS add dunning messages to my statements?2018-06-25T17:20:03-06:00

Yes, MMS can add dunning messages for you. MMS can modify the entire communication based on the age of a balance as well as perform other customizations.

How do I know things are actually getting mailed on-time?2018-06-25T17:20:28-06:00

MMS stamps a mail date on all files processed and takes corresponding camera images of each sealed mail piece for secure historical reference.

I have multiple billing systems how does that work?2018-06-25T17:21:02-06:00

MMS can work with virtually any billing system and will work with you on the most convenient and efficient way with each system.

Is there a long term contract I have to commit to?2018-06-25T17:21:20-06:00

No, MMS makes it easy for customers to get started and retains clients by continually exceeding their expectations and by providing unparalleled customer service.

Why would I switch to MailMyStatements from my current vendor?2018-06-25T17:22:01-06:00

Clients come to MMS for many reasons. Some for security reasons as MailMyStatements is HITRUST certified. Convenience, cost savings, quality, features, functionality, reliability, and customer service are some of other reasons organizations make the change to MailMyStatements..

What kind of fees are associated with the MailMyStatements printing and mailing service?2018-06-25T17:22:25-06:00

The setup is free. There is simply a cost per statement mailed which is all inclusive of postage, envelopes, paper, printing, mailing, reporting, on-line tools and features, archiving, and customer service. The cost per statement is discounted based on monthly volume.

Does MailMyStatements serve other clients outside of healthcare?2018-06-25T17:22:41-06:00

Yes, MMS is HITRUST certified so many healthcare clients rely on MMS because of the sensitivity of the information being processed but many other industry’s rely on MMS as well (e.g. banking, finance, insurance, service, utility, retail, legal, government, etc.).

How does adding color improve payment results?2018-06-25T17:22:55-06:00

Using color designs can highlight key information to your customers and improve the representation of your organization’s brand and messaging.

How long does it take to get started with MailMyStatements?2018-06-25T17:23:16-06:00

Usually 1 to 3 business days. Sometimes within just a few minutes if we have interfaced with your software before.

We mail our own statements, how can MailMyStatements improve the process for us?2018-06-25T17:24:57-06:00

MMS simply saves organization’s time and money by automating the process. The bottom line is it’s faster and less expensive to outsource to MMS. MMS is HITRUST certified and can likely improve the quality of the communications as well.

Does MMS validate addresses on statements before mailing?2018-06-25T17:25:14-06:00

Yes, MMS performs CASS address verification and NCOA updates on all addresses and provides automated options for handling exceptions.

Can I review statements and documents before they are mailed?2018-06-25T17:25:24-06:00

Yes, all documents are available to be review before they are mailed. Features exist to take action on individual documents or entire files to insure things are sent out the way you intend.

Once I send my data to MMS, how long before bills/communications are sent out?2018-06-25T17:25:37-06:00

All items are printed and mailed no later than the next business day.

My statements or bills don’t look the way I want them to, can MMS help?2018-06-25T17:26:00-06:00

Absolutely! MMS designs bills and other communications specifically for each client so they are both elegant and effective.

Can I use MailMyStatements with my current software?2018-06-25T17:26:23-06:00

Yes, MMS can work with data exports from virtually any system in virtually any data format.


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