Patient Statement Services & Solutions

Our standalone patient statement printing and mailing service helps increase patient payment satisfaction and reduces your administrative costs. You have the option to integrate with our advanced payment solutions or continue using your existing provider alongside our services. We’ll take care of the entire billing process, from statement design to printing, mailing, and tracking, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Digital and Traditional Patient Statement Communications

Communication options for all types of patient preferences


  • Sending eStatements is an effective way to reduce postage costs while appealing to digital patient preferences. However, securely managing who gets an eStatement and who gets a paper statement can be a challenge. We solve these problems by managing who has opted in for eStatements and securely delivering them.
  • Provide patient eStatement options for further reduced overhead mailing costs.
  • Mitigate USPS postage increases and reduce patient billing costs. 
  • Increase speed and efficiency of patient communications.
  • Blockchain technology to increase digital opt-in for seamless distribution.
  • Secured, automated, customizable to help optimize the patient experience. 

Printed Statements

  • Simply export electronic billing data from your system and we will design, print, and mail all patient billing communications on your behalf.
  • Our billing platform is compatible with virtually all practice management systems, hospital information systems, accounting systems, and payment collection systems.
  • Seamless integration allows you to generate patient invoices to get paid faster.
  • Statements processed before end-of-day will mail out the same day.
  • Elegant and efficient.
  • Modern design focus.

“We’re printing and mailing experts, but we’re even better at transforming your processes into the latest technology-driven solutions.”

Innovative Patient Statement Design

Our patient-friendly billing statement template is designed to deliver an optimal patient payment experience. Not only will it help retain more patients, but also facilitates prompt payment solutions. The benefits of our patient statement solutions include:

  • Clear, concise, and easy-to-understand patient statement layout
  • Option to integrate charges from multiple medical providers or service departments to reduce paperwork and simplify patient payment solutions
  • Comprehensible display of patient charge breakdown and payment instruction options to maximize collection efforts
  • Contextual details and information to explain charges, reducing customer service queries
  • Inclusion of insurance information to help patients understand their payment responsibilities
  • Fully customized design to increase brand recognition and facilitate patient payment solutions

Learn more about our innovative patient statement design solutions.

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Patient Statement Design: Color Printing and Eye Science

Simple statement design tricks can help improve patient information retention, reduce confusion, and even encourage prompt payment action

Color Printing

Sending patient statements and eStatements in color helps improve message retention by:73%
Percentage of patients who are more likely to pay bill on time if color is used to highlight important information:43%
Percentage of patients who are more likely to pay full amount due when color communications are used:31%
Percentage of providers who still use black & white for patient statements:75%
color patient statement

Eye Science

MailMyStatements Color Patient Statements

Integrated Patient Statements and Payments

Working with a secure patient billing vendor that integrates patient payment collections into statement communications can help collect payments faster and improve the patient experience.

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MailMyStatements Works with Other Industries

Mailmystatements doesn’t just work with healthcare professionals - we also build customized messaging and billing solutions for clients of various industries. The ability to lower collection costs and manage outbound communications while offering creative payment options is key for any business looking to reduce expenses and improve overall customer experience.


Banking Statements

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City Billing
Health Dept

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Credit Card Statements
Legal Notices

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Cable TV
Bottle Water
Real Estate

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Collection Notices
Collection Letters
Final Notices

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Patient Statement Inserts: Provider Announcements and Marketing

Capture your patients’ attention with new service offerings, policy changes, time-sensitive healthcare information, or seasonal announcements right at their fingertips.

Communicate important information with maximum efficiency and minimum added cost by simply adding mail inserts with your patient statements.

Our patient statement insert services include:

  • Customizable layout: Choose from a variety of templates or upload your own design
  • Decide between black and white or color printing
  • Deliver a personalized message to create a unique patient experience and stand out from competitors
  • Streamline large, high-volume mailing
  • Stay compliant with laws and regulations by sending out timely notices
  • Distribute communications meeting the highest standards of accuracy, privacy, and confidentiality required by the healthcare industry


Here is a list of Frequently-Asked Questions about how we can help you and your patients. It answers common questions related to statement design, data implementation, billing partnerships, and patient data compliance. Additional resources can be found on our blog.

Yes, MMS can add dunning messages for you. MMS can modify the entire communication based on the age of a balance as well as perform other customizations.

Using color designs can highlight key information to your customers and improve the representation of your organization’s brand and messaging.

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