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June 9, 2020 in Patient Statements

Build Patient Trust With These 5 Statement Insert Ideas

Build Patient Trust With These 5 Statement Insert Ideas

Staying in touch with consumers and making them feel part of a larger conversation is a key component in building trust. State and federal regulations may also require providers to keep all parties up-to-date on new policies and procedures. Sending updates and notices alongside monthly patient statements can help providers meet these goals while saving time and money by sharing envelope space. A statement insert is included with standard monthly mailings and can be as simple or complex as needed.

One of the main benefits of using a statement insert is the ability to reach vast numbers of consumers through an established route. However, printing, preparing, and mailing thousands of inserts can be time-consuming. Using third-party mailing services to send the inserts while ensuring your message is concise can make the process more streamlined.

Patients receiving mailed statements are already positioned to focus their attention on the information provided in the packet. By adding supplementary information, providers can reach patients more effectively and garner a higher engagement rate.

The Psychology Behind a Mailed Statement Insert

A recent study conducted by MarketReach investigated how the brain absorbs and stores information received in the mail, in an email, and on social media. The study revealed that consumers had a 35% stronger response to remembering printed materials using long-term memory encoding compared to the information posted on social media platforms. This number increased to 49% when compared to email marketing.

The study also indicated that consumers are more likely to follow up on the information printed on mailed items if they read them before viewing the same data posted on social media. With this in mind, providers can use mailed inserts to address important issues first, then support the data by posting it online afterward.

It’s also vital to consider the layout of the information itself. Consumers are more likely to digest and act on the information provided if the content is printed, clear, and concise. By leaning into the psychology behind consumer tendencies, providers can keep patients better informed and utilize inserts with greater accuracy.

5 Statement Insert Ideas

Statement inserts can be specifically designed to complement a provider’s branding while relaying an array of information about the consumer or company. The information may be centered around vital insurance details or just an opportunity to say “hello.” The following statement insert ideas can be used to keep consumers informed, communication channels open, and build trust between the provider and patient.

1. Policy Changes

Staying compliant with state laws, national policies, and HIPAA requirements is essential in the healthcare industry. If these updates affect the patient, the provider may be required by law to inform the consumer of any changes. An insert can be used to relay detailed adjustments to current policy in clear, precise terms that consumers can understand. Furthermore, by using a HITRUST-compliant mailing service, providers can ensure the data is secure.

Changes to a patient’s policy or healthcare coverage may also require additional notifications. Informing consumers of their rights regarding certain policies is not only mandatory but also promotes a trusting partnership between the provider and the patient. Providers can use simple statement insert designs to alert consumers of upcoming insurance plan adjustments or changes in coverage details. Inserts can be used to comply with Section 1557 requirements, or additional laws affecting the rights of the insured.

2. Personal Notes

Sending a birthday card or seasonal message is a great way to connect to consumers and cultivate a more personal relationship. Simply reaching out and letting a patient know that he or she is appreciated can build trust and increase engagement. The following items can be sent to new or existing customers throughout the year:

  • Birthday Cards
  • New Year Messages
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Seasonal Greetings
  • Special Discounts
  • Provider Promotions

3. New Services

New technologies, services, or treatment options are continuously being developed throughout the healthcare and insurance industries. Whether a new payment method has been rolled out or a new testing procedure has been implemented, it’s crucial to let patients and consumers know of any changes that may affect them. Inserts can be used to highlight and promote these updates through an already established communication route.

In addition to new services, providers can promote existing products and remind consumers to take advantage of particular resources they may not have been aware of. By keeping patients aware of all available services, providers can help boost revenue in select areas and increase activity surrounding new technologies.

4. Time-Sensitive Information

Not all updates can wait until an in-office visit. Facility location changes, updates to payment information, or required paperwork may need urgent attention. Mailed inserts with time-sensitive notices can reach vast groups of patients or just a few select individuals quickly. Forms can be sent alongside statements to help consumers return vital documents without needing to print the items at home.

Not everyone has an email address or access to the internet. However, all consumers have a registered address or location where they can be reached. Therefore, by mailing inserts that require immediate attention, providers can increase the chances of a patient receiving the data and addressing pressing issues within a set time-frame.

5. General Updates and Newsletters

Keeping patients informed of any new business developments, charitable programs, or social events can help promote services and create a more engaged community. Inserts don’t always have to be specifically targeted to the consumer’s policy. They can instead be used to give him or her an update on the facility as a whole. After all, the success of the provider ultimately impacts the consumer. These types of inserts can help patients feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Asking for general feedback is also a great way to keep consumers engaged in your business while garnering crucial information on how to improve your services.

By outsourcing patient statements to a third-party vendor, providers can enjoy the benefits associated with mailed inserts without the added stress of overseeing production. The time and resources saved by using outside vendors can help staff re-focus their efforts on patient care and treatment. The combination of keeping patients well-informed and having more time to care for their immediate healthcare needs can lead to a more trusting relationship between both parties.

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