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Today's consumers demand flexibility in patient payments. While digital options are preferred, traditional methods remain relevant for some demographics. Failing to cater to these preferences can lead to confusion, delays, and a hindered revenue cycle.

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Text Payments and Reminders


Send yourself a sample SMS Statement by clicking below!

Sending a text message reminder for patient payments generates a higher probability of reaching the patient directly and immediately, compared to a paper or eStatement getting lost in the mail or inbox.

When a bill becomes past due, patient text reminders are especially helpful in reminding them to make a payment or seek assistance.

Use text message communications to:

MailMyStatements’ secure text notification system allows patients to opt-in to receive text communications in addition to or instead of paper or eStatements. 

Traditional and Digital Patient Payment Options

A slowed revenue cycle can negatively impact patient relationships and internal efficiency. Take advantage of our BillingCycle Plus software to ensure your clients have everything they need to pay their bills on time

Text Notifications

Branded Payment Sites

White-Label Payment Gateway

Credit Card on File Enabled Payment Plans

Apple Pay or Google Pay

Available on demand via add-on

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Customized Patient Payments

Percentage of patients who prefer to pay medical bills online:73%
Percentage of patients who are interested in or already use digital payment platforms for medical bills:58%
Percentage of patients who would switch or already have switched providers for a better healthcare payments experience:42%

MailMyStatements offers a solution-based approach to the mayhem of a disorganized and stressful payment experience. By providing transparent billing and convenient payment methods, we work with your practice to ensure your patients have everything they need to easily access, understand, and complete the billing process.

In crafting a customized business solution, MailMyStatements pays attention to both the providers’ and patients’ needs to create a medical payment solution that is specific, efficient, and effective. For medical practices that have an existing payment system, we work to create an expanded patient payment solution that identifies and closes the gap between current business practices and missed opportunities to maximize patient satisfaction.

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Text Notifications

Notify patients when their bill becomes available vis SMS messaging


of patients will pay their medical bill within 5 minutes of receiving a text message about it.

Chat to Pay

Interactive Chatbot answers questions and prompts patient payments


of patients are interested in using a chatbot to pay bills online.

Credit Card on File

Credit card on file-enabled payment plans allow patients to break up daunting balances over time


of patients signed up for a payment plan when out-of-pocket expenses were $1,000 or more.

Gain Visibility into all Patient Payments Activity With Our Intuitive EasyADMIN Dashboard

When patients can submit payment using their preferred method, businesses collect payments faster, improve patient satisfaction levels, and reduce frustration for every party involved - from the hospital’s billing department to the patients themselves.

Because patients commonly struggle to make payments due to financial insecurity, integrating new payment options and automating the billing process can reduce friction and alleviate stress.

Increase Revenues with Card on File Enabled Payment Plans

Year after year, more than half of healthcare organizations report their fundamental revenue cycle concern as collecting full and timely patient payments.

Credit card on file (CCOF) enabled patient payment plans help break up daunting payments over time, reducing time to collect and increasing practice revenues.

Credit card on file features allow the secure storage of patient credit card information, making payment plans possible instead of repeated collection calls. Our new intutive chatbot can help facilitate and schedule an affordable patient payment plan, helping to reduce staffing resources. 

In addition, credit card on file capabilities eliminate the need to re-enter transaction information, saving valuable time on reconciliation. All transactions are processed seamlessly inside your customized EasyAdmin Portal.

Branded Patient Payment Sites

Branded payment sites are a white-label payment gateway that provide an online self-service customer payment application fully customizable with logo, colors, and style. Our branded payment sites provide a comprehensive and secure method for customers to pay their financial obligation online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Centralized and real-time payment reporting provides enterprise visibility, giving customers access to the information they need while putting them at ease.

Integration with preexisting billing applications speeds up payment acceptance and can automate payment posting to the correct account.

Patients can even opt-in to receive future bills or communications electronically through the white-label payment gateway – further reducing your future billing and communications costs while providing them with a solution that works best for their needs.

Enabling online payments has proven to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), improve consumer satisfaction, and ease the payment posting process – all while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Integrated Patient Payments and Statements

Streamline Operations and Save Money

Card On File Technology

Help patients make payments automatically by storing data on file

  • Reduce Hassle
  • Eliminate need for a Mailed Statement
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plans
  • Foster Better Patient Relationships

Next-Day Funding

Get your money deposited to your bank account within 48-hours

  • Receive Payments Faster
  • Automated Payment Posting
  • Ease of Settlement Data
  • Less Financial Strain

Transaction Reporting

Gain deep transaction life cycle information in real-time

  • Save Time on Reconciliation
  • Process Transactions Seamlessly
  • Ease of Settlement Data
  • Better Financial Reporting


Clients come to MMS for many reasons. Some for security reasons as MailMyStatements is HITRUST certified. Convenience, cost savings, quality, features, functionality, reliability, and customer service are some of other reasons organizations make the change to MailMyStatements.

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