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From statement design to printing, mailing, and tracking — MailMyStatements provides medical patient billing & mail services by sending bills through traditional mail, as well as facilitating e-statements, reducing postage expenses and aligning with patient preferences.

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Innovative Billing Statement Design

Our patient-friendly billing statement template is designed to deliver an optimal patient payment experience.

Not only will it help you retain more patients but it will facilitate prompt payment solutions.

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Healthcare Payment Solutions

Whatever your client needs, we aim to enhance your existing payment systems to create an expanded patient medical payment solutions tailored to your patient’s needs. We offer various medical payment methods, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Quick Response codes (QR), white label payment gateway solutions, and more!

MailMyStatements delivers an integrated approach to healthcare payment and billing solutions that allows organizations to address these trends by maximizing their performance while increasing consumer convenience.

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Our Managed Medical Billing & Mailing Services

MailMyStatements is a leading provider of healthcare printing, medical billing & mailing, and payment technology services across the country.

  • A certified HITRUST partner to protect you from threats
  • Modernize your organization’s entire billing process
  • Create statements that are easy for patients to read
  • Schedule your automated printing and mailing
  • Offer more payment options to improve turnaround

“The Statement implementation is so simple and easy to use. From the customer’s stand point, it’s very intuitive; the platform is virtually dummy-proof.”

David Hirsch – Healthcare Collections Executive

“Implementation of MMS services was extremely easy. After the initial setup, it only takes us a couple minutes to upload our billing file and generate statements. The statements are very professional looking and easy for our patients to read and understand. The team at MMS is great to work with in the rare cases we have questions”.

Paige Burkes – CFO Health Solutions

“’s team was both flexible and friendly, helping to come up with innovative solutions to connect their statement technology with our platform and make it easy for our Members to send statements electronically.”

Kevin Burdick Director, Strategic Partnerships WebPT

MailMyStatements is a 3rd party print and mail statement service. If you have questions about your patient bill, please contact your healthcare provider directly.