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April 18, 2024 in Medical Billing

Press Release: MailMyStatements Revolutionizes Healthcare Billing with Cloud-Based Patient Communication & Collection Tools

Billing Cycle Plus

MailMyStatements Revolutionizes Healthcare Billing with Cloud-Based Patient Communication & Collection Tools

MailMyStatements’ new BillingCylce Plus lets patients choose their digital communication preferences, set up payment plans, and more.

Castle Rock CO, April 16, 2024 MailMyStatements (MMS), a leading provider of print and mail services, announced a groundbreaking new digital billing solution: BillingCycle Plus.

BillingCycle Plus boasts a comprehensive digital billing solution that complements third-party systems by featuring customizable communication preferences, helping to mitigate increasing costs associated with paper mail.  BillingCycle Plus revolutionizes how providers interact with their patients by bringing mobile technology, artificial intelligence, advanced payment functionality, and analytics to the forefront of modern collection practices.

Providers may integrate MMS’s new digital functionality directly into their practice management systems, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), third-party applications, and preferred payment processors; while patients may conveniently choose their preferred statement communication and payment methods directly from their own mobile devices, fostering an efficient and patient-centric billing experience.

“We understand that traditional paper billing can be confusing and inconvenient for patients,” said Hugh Sullivan, CEO of MailMyStatements. “With BillingCycle Plus, we’re putting the power back in patients’ hands, making it easier for them to manage their healthcare bills and prioritize their well-being.”

MMS’s new digital features include:

  • Chat2Pay: Patients may chat their way through setting up a payment plan or resolve billing questions with the intuitive Chatbot feature.
  • Convenient Digital Reminders: MMS automatically sends timely reminders via email and SMS Text Messages, ensuring that patients never miss a payment deadline.
  • Personalized Payment Plans: Patients can create and manage their own customized payment plans, giving them control over their payments and preventing financial stress.
  • Merchant Vendor Integration: Digital communication features seamlessly integrate with the provider’s merchant vendor of choice.

“The business of healthcare revolves around providers getting paid. Invoices need to be sent in a clear, effective manner to reach patients where they are,” said Derek Griffin, VP of Sales and Business Development for MailMyStatements. “These new features are a game-changer for both patients and healthcare providers. Patients will appreciate the convenience and control, while providers can facilitate payments within their existing systems and improve patient satisfaction.”

MMS specializes in HITRUST-Certified patient billing, enhanced with AI and ML, for secure and seamless operations. White-label management through the EasyAdmin portal and API integration ensures a personalized, efficient billing experience. MailMyStatements’ innovative digital solutions are already making a difference for healthcare providers nationwide.

About MailMyStatements

MailMyStatements revolutionizes medical billing and communications with our patient-friendly approach. We specialize in creating statements that are easy to read, understand, and pay. Our services include traditional mail billing and eStatements, catering to diverse patient preferences while reducing postage costs. Leveraging advanced cloud-based technology, we offer multiple payment channels, including text message payments, QR-code scanning, and custom-branded payment sites. Our shift to cloud technology means that clients and partners benefit from automation, seamless collaboration, and secure data backup—experience efficient, modern medical billing with MailMyStatements.



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