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Streamline your billing process and reduce overhead while improving the patient experience. Our standalone patient statement service helps increase patient satisfaction and reduces your administrative cost. You have the option to integrate with our advanced payment solution or continue using your existing provider alongside this service. We’ll take care of the entire billing process — from statement design to printing, mailing, and tracking — so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

It is no surprise that more than half of healthcare organizations described that their fundamental revenue cycle concern in 2018 was associated with patient payments and collections. As trends continue, this concern is likely to increase over time.

MailMyStatements delivers an integrated approach to payment and billing solutions that allows healthcare organizations to address these trends by maximizing their performance while increasing consumer convenience.


Our brand is built on trust. In everything we do, MailMyStatements strives to build partnerships and client relationships upon a strong foundation of conviction and compliance. From our people to our processes, HIPAA compliance, and HITRUST certification, to the very way we communicate, MailMyStatements encourages ethical and compliant behavior in everything we do to advance a culture of trust.


Our customer service department takes a unique, proactive approach to ensure each one of our clients is not only satisfied but feels like they are our only focus. There are no long-term contracts with our company because we retain clients by providing unparalleled customer service and consistently exceeding their expectations.

We take the same approach to patient engagement when it comes to billing questions. We modernize existing statement and billing processes to improve patient satisfaction, facilitate faster payments and increase payment acquisitions. Our clients and their patients are our most valuable resource and they will receive treatment as such. For more information on how MMS can help please email us.





What do our clients say?

“We love the statement design. We use MMS to send statements daily. It saves us time and money.”

Jessica Sullivan, Radiology Billing Company

“Our statements are very professional looking, simple to read, and easy for our patients to understand–unlike other solutions, we have tried.”

Jennifer Smith , Oncology Practice Administrator

“Implementation of MMS services was extremely easy. After the initial setup, it only takes us a couple minutes to upload our billing file and generate statements. The statements are very professional looking and easy for our patients to read and understand. The team at MMS is great to work with-in the rare cases we have questions”.

Paige Burkes, CFO Health Solutions

“As a healthcare billing and RCM vendor, MMS makes it easy to set up new accounts quickly and seamlessly. Their portal is user-friendly and their customer service team is always very responsive and friendly whenever we have questions or need assistance.”

” It has been great working with your company.  I love the way you have been able to accommodate all of the various software programs that I bill through.  Your team is very easy to work with and was able to get me set up in no time with statements that are easy for my clients to read.  Thank you”


“What’s even cooler is the people at MailMyStatements understand Healthcare and Healthcare systems, they are familiar with common challenges and know the best ways to address them.”

Samuel Johns , Physician Group IT Director

“The Statement implementation is so simple and easy to use. From the customer’s standpoint, it’s very intuitive; the platform is virtually dummy-proof.”