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Improve the Patient Experience
with NEW Enhanced Digital Communications

MailMyStatements is excited to Introduce BillingCycle Plus! BillingCycle Plus revolutionizes how providers interact with patients by bringing mobile technology, artificial intelligence, advanced payment functionality, and analytics to the forefront of modern collection practices. Reach patients directly and simplify the payment experience with digital communication and payment options like chat2pay and text message alerts and reminders.

Convenient Digital Reminders

MMS automatically sends timely reminders via email and SMS Text Messages,
ensuring that patients never miss a payment deadline.


Patients may chat their way through setting up a payment plan or resolve
billing questions with the intuitive Chatbot feature.

Personalized Payment Plans

Patients can create and manage their own customized payment plans,
giving them control over their payments and preventing financial stress.

Merchant Vendor Integration

Digital communication features seamlessly integrate with the
provider’s merchant vendor of choice

Chat to Pay

Interactive Chatbot answers questions and prompts patient payments


of patients are interested in using a chatbot to pay bills online.

Patient eStatements

Increase speed and efficiency of patient communications.

Get Paid Faster

Card-on-file technology includes a personalized AI-driven Chat Bot to facilitate payment type and schedule.

Text Payment Reminders

Text messages reach patients quickly and help facilitate timely payments.

patient payments

Text Payments and Reminders


Send yourself a sample SMS Statement by clicking below!

Sending a text message reminder for patient payments generates a higher probability of reaching the patient directly and immediately, compared to a paper or eStatement getting lost in the mail or inbox.

When a bill becomes past due, patient text reminders are especially helpful in reminding them to make a payment or seek assistance.

Use text message communications to:

MailMyStatements’ secure text notification system allows patients to opt-in to receive text communications in addition to or instead of paper or eStatements. 

Customized Patient Payments

Percentage of patients who prefer to pay medical bills online:73%
Percentage of patients who are interested in or already use digital payment platforms for medical bills:58%
Percentage of patients who would switch or already have switched providers for a better healthcare payments experience:42%

MailMyStatements offers a solution-based approach to the mayhem of a disorganized and stressful payment experience. By providing transparent billing and convenient payment methods, we work with your practice to ensure your patients have everything they need to easily access, understand, and complete the billing process.

In crafting a customized business solution, MailMyStatements pays attention to both the providers’ and patients’ needs to create a medical payment solution that is specific, efficient, and effective. For medical practices that have an existing payment system, we work to create an expanded patient payment solution that identifies and closes the gap between current business practices and missed opportunities to maximize patient satisfaction.

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