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15 03, 2022

Don’t Be Surprised by a No Surprises Act Violation


The No Surprises Act, which took effect on January 1, 2022, includes new rules about healthcare billing. The federal law is designed to protect customers from receiving unexpected [...]

Don’t Be Surprised by a No Surprises Act Violation2023-01-10T12:45:11-07:00
3 08, 2021

Patient Billing Preferences by Generation


Does your practice offer customized patient billing options to support various demographic preferences? Understanding how each generation prefers to receive and communicate regarding payment statements and other key [...]

Patient Billing Preferences by Generation2023-01-10T12:46:08-07:00
1 12, 2020

5 Patient Collections Best Practices


  As the healthcare industry continues to adjust to the new landscape created by the Covid 19 pandemic, providers and patients are experiencing new challenges regarding patient collections. [...]

5 Patient Collections Best Practices2023-01-10T12:47:36-07:00
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